Numerology Toolbox is the epicenter of Chaldean Numerology, whether you are a working professional numerologist or just have an interest in numerology at the beginning of your journey.

Our ambition is to deliver the deepest knowledge and the highest standards to our customers, whether its a personal session, a name change, or our education program.

Get access to the advanced numerology software, that does all the calculations for you, and provide you with a database to easily access your customers. friends and family. Read the mindset, health, love life, cashflow, destiny, and all other aspects of every single person you know. Get the numerology software here.

By participating in our numerology education program, you will possess the world’s most comprehensive knowledge about numerology. You will be able to read any person or company, and describe the details of the karma, life and destiny. Our comprehensive numerology education program starts with the Foundation class.

In a personal reading session, you will get your karma and destiny revealed by our Grandmaster Numerologist. In one hour he will explain why your life is the way it is, what your strength and weaknesses are, and what will happen for you in the next 5 years ahead. Request your personal numerology session here.

With a name change, you will get a perfectly balanced name, that works in sync with the person you really are, so you become the very best edition of yourself.
Your new name will be unique to you and change the energy in you and around you to shape the success that you deserve. Book numerology name change here.

Numerology Tools

Take a peek inside our Tools

Our numerology tools services both the professional numerologist, and the curious beginner. Enter only name and birthday on any person, and get detailed data, graphs and easy readable reports, with a single click. 

You can reveal the karma of a person, see a person’s challenges in the future ahead, find the best day to start a company – just to name a few of the features currently in the Tools.

Advanced numerology

Look no further

The Numerology Toolbox education, led by Master numerologist August Darius Danielsson, will set you on a path to posses the deepest numerology knowledge – worldwide.

Customers reviews

What people say about us

He blew my socks off; AMAZED! I recently had a numerological reading of both my new and old name; August completely lived up to his reputation. He's The Real Deal! I have changed my name twice, the last of which was 8 months ago. I know it is completely clean and top notch, but I was missing an in-depth analysis of my birth and new name to better understand / be in my cleansing, but the other two numerologists did not manage to go in depth. August on the other gave me and extremely precisely and in-depth analysis. I am super impressed with his skills: extremely accurate description of my patterns, challenges, traits, etc. It's really impressive that a human being who does not know you at all, still ca describe you right down to the cellular level, solely based on some number combinations; what you think, feel, interpret as well as how and why you react to your surroundings as you do. I am deeply impressed and I am really looking forward to seeing how my new life will unfold <3 😀 You can be quite confident in choosing August !!!! Once I have children and they have to have the right names, it will be August that I turn to 🙂 THANK YOU !!!


Excellent Highly accurate reading, very professionally done. Would recommend to get a name change.


Great service! Having August going through your data is always an interesting thing. He knows what he's doing while letting you know too. I highly Recommend August and his services regarding Numerology.


Simple Verdict: 5 Stars I just had a reading a couple of days ago from August and I must say that it was quite revealing. Many aspects of my personality, social life, and profession were discussed and it was very insightful. August was very polite, patient, and helpful in clarifying the questions I had, including questions about his own training in the field. Without revealing too much, let me just say that I agree with the reading and analysis! Simple verdict: 5 stars!


Very good analysis. Very happy. Perfect 1. Good luck to you 🙏🙏🙏

Parismita Das

Aldrig har det været så sjovt Aldrig har det været så sjovt, givende og spændende at tage en uddannelse! Jeg sidder i timer og hele dage i streg, og hygger mig med Numerology's geniale tool box system. Den rummer ufattelig mange muligheder, for forståelsen af ikke blot sig selv, men også sine børn, venner og bekendte. Det er sjovt at kunne gætte sig frem til visse træk, og tjekke det i tool boksen, for at opdage at man havde ret i de numre disse træk karakteriserer sig ved. Ud over det, er August helt fantastisk dygtig og præcis. Man kan mærke at han brænder for at hjælpe du og jeg, dels til forståelsen, men også til et liv i så meget harmonisering som muligt. August går ikke på kompromis med hans arbejde, og stoler så meget på det han laver at d er er garanti. Numoroly tool box er i sandhed en gave til folket. 😊❤🙏


Feel free to use our free numerology calculator.
Use the free numerology calculator to generate your personal numerology chart and see your karma displayed in the numeroscope.
Explore your own destiny by seeing what numbers you are represented by.
Use the colors to quickly identify what numerology numbers work with you and what numerology numbers work against you.