numerology and anxiety

Anxiety and numerology

Anyone who suffer from anxiety, have the same numbers in their full numerology numeroscope. This clearly shows that anxiety is caused by your name. The numerology numbers that dictate anxiety are: 11/2, 12/3, 15/6, 16/7 29/2, 47/2, and 48/3.

It’s a fact that can be scientifically proven through empirical evidence. Simply, you can take any person who may suffer from anxiety and write their full legal name and birthday into the Numeroscope-calculator and you will see that at least one or more of these numbers are present.

The number of the most typical kind of anxiety, is the number 12/3. You are represented by this number if you’re born the 12th of the month, born in December or born in 2019, or if your name is Jane, Abigail, Anna, Jean, Kerry and Riley – just to mention a few. Try our Numerology calculator and see if YOU have any of these numbers of anxiety. Feel free to test it on any person you know who suffer from anxiety.
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Classical anxiety cause

The number 12/3 is called the “victim number”. In most cases this is the root of what anxiety is caused by. Or at least a primary factor. It’s all about losing things that one values. When the loss and setback has occurred, the person wants to take responsibility for the loss. And he/she tries to learn from it. The problem here is that the loss is caused by other people and/or things that are completely out of their hands. Therefore the person who is represented by the number 12/3 feels powerless in such situations. Simply this person wants to take responsibility. But he/she doesn’t know how, since the loss is not really this person’s own fault.

Therefore this person wants to learn from the loss. And want to work hard with him/herself in order to rise above the problems. This is somehow done through the advancement of academic knowledge, which might come through books, coaches, things on the internet etc. However, no matter how hard this person works to improve, this person still face one loss after another. And these frequent losses makes the person paranoid. This person – who is represented by the number 12/3 – is very analytical, because of the high theoretical knowledge that this person possesses. The problem here, is that this person analyzes everything, he/she sees. This could be other body language, words, and actions and so on. The problem is, because of paranoia, this person tends to completely over-analyze these things, and to make up his/her own theories, and thereby he/she believes that a danger is coming, and this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

anxiety is caused by the numbers in your name

These tough aspects of paranoia adds to what anxiety is caused by, adding more anxiety and stress. It comes from the constant fear of losing, because the karma of the number 12/3 is that one finds him/herself in constant victimhood.

As a result of the constant fear of losing, people who are represented by the number 12/3 tend to develop self destructive behavior in order to distract their mind from the constant fear of loss and danger. Such self destructive behavior can be many things. From the soft end, it can be things such as biting nails, checking one’s smart phone too often, watching too much TV, smoking too many cigarettes, drinking too much coffee, eating too much food or in the more tough end, the spectrum also covers the likelihood of drug abuse.

If the number 12/3 is associated with the other mentioned numbers, these negative aspects can be strongly amplified in a very negative way. However these negative personality aspects can be removed by a Numerology name change according to our guidance.

The number 48/3 is not very common, but its vibration is like 12/3 on steroids. According to the theory of Chaldean Numerology, the number 48/3 is one of the three numbers that represents “Karmic Penalty”.

Fear of the Paranormal

anxiety is caused by the numerology numbers 15/6 and 12/3

The number 15/6 is also a very dangerous number when it comes to anxiety. The number 15/6 is one of the most complex numbers we have. It’s an extremely delicate number and it can be both extremely positive and extremely negative and dangerous. According to the ancient tablets from Persia, the number is described as the source of both “white and black magic”. Basically the main essence of this number is the strong desire to gain control in order to gain comfort. Therefore when a person who is represented by this number gets the feeling of losing control, a great deal of fear and anxiety may arise. The number also dictates a great spectrum of multiple physical and mental illnesses. Among mental illnesses, the number 15/6 is the source of schizophrenia, borderline disease, sociopathy, narcissism, psychopathy and much more.

The number 15/6 is also a number of great fears of the unknown. Thereby as a child, a person who is represented by the number 15/6 from an unbalanced perspective may have had fear of darkness, the monster under the bed and all such classical fears which cause anxiety.

When the number 15/6 corresponds closely with the number 12/3 in the Numeroscope, these negative aspects are like a tornado that meets a volcano.

Fear of death

The number 16/7 is a number of tragic losses in close relations, such as a fatalities or metaphorical fatalities. A person who is represented by the number 16/7 has experienced many tragic losses, and this has hardened the person in a negative way. This has caused the person who is represented by the number 16/7, to keep most relations at an arm length due to fear of losing them. The person may have the opinion that an inevitable loss of a relation will be less painful, if the relationship is not that close.

Therefore many actions are done out of fear, and the number 16/7 is the source of fear of losing. Therefore this number also amplifies fear.

A person experiences death often in their close relations, when represented by the number 16/7. Making them also fear their own death. This fear of death amplifies anxiety.

Numbers that adds to the anxiety cause

Yet another group of numbers also causes anxiety.
The number 11/2 is a number of lack of self esteem. It’s a number that means that a person who is represented by 11/2 cares too much about other’s opinions about them. Therefore they seek recognition and prestige because they feel like they are not good enough the way they are. In the search for recognition, a person who is represented by the number 11/2 has a hard time to say no to people. They want people to like them. Therefore people who are represented by the number 11/2 often end up in the pleaser role, because they believe that if they please those in power enough, then hopefully, it will lead to a promotion. Like in career and work. However this rarely happens to people who are represented by the number 11/2. Instead these person experience that other people wipe their shoes at them, and are not even thankful for their many extra favors done to them.

Therefore the number 11/2 is of an unease mind, stress and constant worry. The worries come because the number 11/2 is a number of tears due to always being contend with the second best solution and never getting what one truly wants. People who are represented by the number 11/2 have a lot of tears in their love life as they can never really get the true love of their life. Instead, they must settle with someone who is not their ideal match, and they are aware of this. A person who is represented by 11/2 has a feeling of great inner strength that never really comes out. In the ancient Numerolocial tablets from Persia, the number 11/2 was described as a “lion muzzled”.

Because of all these rejections, fear of not being good enough, the number 11/2 causes a lot of low energy, frustrations and irritations. Therefore people who are represented by the number 11/2 are easy to provoke due to a low self esteem and a weak psyche. This advances anxiety if the numbers 12/3 or/ and 15/6 and 16/7 are also present in the Numeroscope.

29/2. This number is a really anxiety causer, as it is like 11/2 on steroids, because 2+9=11. The number 29/2 is far more unbalanced that 11/2 because the numbers 2 and 9 are very toxic to each other because the number 2 represents the Moon, the Water Element and all the soft values. The number 9 represents planet Mars which represents the Fire element and all the rational values. Therefore these aspects contradict one another very strongly. The effect of the number 29/2 is very negative. It’s a number often seen among criminals because the number 29/2 creates a lot of out of control mind racing, so some people who are represented by this number needs a rush of adrenalin. The number 29/2 is also seen among many murderers and psychopaths. However not all people who have the number 29/2 are psychopaths.

38/2 is another very unbalanced number which has focus on stress in career, business and stress about money. This is another number that also promotes anxiety – especially if one or more of the predeceasing numbers are also present.

The number 47/2 is not very common, but it’s another very unbalanced number that also promotes anxiety. It has focus on the contrasts between faith and rational thinking. The number 47/2 creates a lot of confusion between the scientific and rational way of thinking, and the spiritual and esoteric way of thinking. Both world perceptions strongly contradict one another, and this creates stress to the person who is represented by this number. This stress helps to promote anxiety. Especially if one or more of the predeceasing numbers are also present in the Numeroscope.

Do you have anxiety in your name?

Now you have the knowledge about how anxiety is caused by name and birthday, use the Numerology Calculator to check whether YOU have these numbers in your name and birthday.