numerology and Boeing

Boeing 737MAX problems

The story

Let’s first look at what we know. The american company BOEING, that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, has  suffered some negative publicity in the press, the past months.
In march, the Boeing 737MAX passenger airliner was grounded around the world, as it was suspected that a malfunction in the aircrafts automated flight control (called MCAS) resulted in two accidents:

1) 29 october 2018: Lion Air Flight 610. All 189 passengers and crew were killed in the accident.
2) 10. march 2019: Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. All 157 passengers and crew were killed in the accident.

Boeing admitted both accidents were caused by the MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System), that is software designed to prevent the aircrafts nose to point too high, and loose aerodynamic lift, also known as a stall.

Due to the problems and fatalities caused by the MCAS, Boeing looks into possible compensations, to airlines, due to lost revenue, and to the victims relatives, due to class actions.

The 737MAX is expected to be back in the air, late 2019, after a new approved software release.

Boeing seen through numerology

If we look at the company through the eyes of numerology, we go to the year ranks to see the timely events.

The year ranks for Boeing in 2019 – Calculated by Numerology Toolbox

The number combinations we see for Boeing in the first period of 2019, is relative complex, but let’s look at them one by one.

Getting things done

The 3-6-9 combination seen in the first couple of months is about rumbling through with something, put pressure on a process, speeding up things, wanting to advance, and get things done fast.

Not seeing the warning signals

Next to 3-6-9 – in the shadow row – we see the combination 1-6-7, which is also about being in a process where one seeks to advance, but the difference is that with the 1-6-7 combination you loose yourself in the process. It’s about not listening to the warning signals, just moving forward without any thoughts of the side effects.

Loss and reputation

In the beginning of march, this energy culminates in a 9-7 (16/7) combination which is all about loss, suffering and grief. Loosing something that is close to you.
If we look to the 3rd row, it tells us something about what this loss is all about. 15/6 is about your brand, the way your person, or in this case your company, is perceived from the outside. The reputation of the company is at stake here.


In the period that follows march, we see the number combination 9-3-12/3 and 7-3-10/1. This combination is catastrophic and extremely unfortunate. 9-3-12/3 makes the 9-7 (16/7) combination even more negative.
7-3-10/1 is often seen in disasters, both personal and business wise. Examples are when criminals are being caught or sentenced. Or when companies are getting exposed.
The 12/3 – 10/1 combination is about loss, where one feels powerless and reflect on the mistakes made. It’s about blame.

The stock

The stock made a quick drop from 422 to 375 within 2 working days in march.

When bad number combinations are duplicated, hence seen in both “the highest self” and “the human self”, it will add severity to the outcome. As you see in Boeing’s case, this is true.
If you see this double combination in a company on the stock market, and you are an investor, this is an excellent time to short and benefit from it.


But what about the first crash, that happened in late october 2018?
In the month leading up to the crash, and culminating at the time of the crash, we see the combinations 5-7-12/3 and 3-7-10/1, giving the result 12/3 and 10/1 together. This combination is very negative and unfortunate. Its about loss that really hurts. These losses are often related to economy and business, as they are under influence of the numbers 5 and 3, which is about movement, business acumen, career, relationships and economy.
The 3-7-10/1 combination was the same we saw during the march 2019 crash, and as mentioned, often seen when people or companies are exposed.
Last, but not least, we see 12/3-10/1. This is a combination seen at times of crisis, often ending up in self-reproach.
These numbers could benefit the investor, as it’s also a good time to short a stock. But make a note, that the 12/3-10/1 combination (Boeing in october 2018) is not as strong a short indicator as a 9-7-16/7 combination (Boeing in march 2019). But still, the Boeing stock made a drop right after the 12/3-10/1 combination.

Could it be predicted?

Now, could chaldean numerology have predicted the outcome for Boeing?
When looking at year ranks, we could not predict that the planes would literally crash. But we could predict disasters and losses for the company in the specific months, as explained above. We can’t see exactly what happens, but that something bad (or good) will happen, and the theme/direction of the event. For this reason, the year ranks calculations are very advantageous for the investor, as one knows when a stock will face problems. One thing to keep in mind, is that the numerology prediction does not change for a person or company. If we made the calculation for Boeing 10 years ago, we would see the exact same numbers for Boeing in year 2018 and 2019, as if we made the calculation today. Numerology does not use historical data of a company to make calculations of the future.

The future

If we look at the future for Boeing, the next 3 month will continue with the same theme of loss, related to business and economy, with supporting numbers showing that the company will be “stuck” in the process. This is illustrated by the two 6-digits, representing business, ending up in 11/2-9, dictating lack of motivation, fatigue, inefficiency and difficulty getting together.
When looking at a company, the essense of the combination 5-6-11/2 & 3-6-9, should be read as feeling stuck, and therefore a frustration arises here, that things do not move fast enough, as one might have wished for, and that there will also be an underlying sense of distrust of company strategies.

The year ranks for Boeing end of 2019 – Calculated by Numerology Toolbox

At the end of this year, 2019, we see the combination 12/3-4-7 & 10/1-4-5. This combination is not really positive and not really negative, something around the middle. This is because the combination generally is about making some experience. This is pointed out by 7-5 at the end, which means that one is standing at a crossroad, don’t know whether to go left or right. The situation demands that one must make some hard decisions, not very pleasant to make. So business wise it means that the company gains a lot of experience in this period, that later can benefit the business.
We also see 11/2-4-6 & 9-4-13/4. For a company this is about progress for their products and services. Often seen when a company launches a new product, or closes a deal. The success is focused around the end of the period, at the time of 6-13/4, as 6+4 is 10/1, closing 6 and 13/4.
To the right of this combination, we see 8-4-12/3, which is an unbalanced combination, telling us that even though its a success, there can be some chaos in the process or making it a bit worse than expected.

The year ranks for Boeing beginning of 2020 – Calculated by Numerology Toolbox

If we take a look at the beginning of 2020, we see a double combination of 4-6-10/1 & 2-6-8. This number combination is semi positive. This is the case because we have the number combination 4, 6 and 10/1 vertically, which is about making some new choices, and getting support for it. And this number combination can be equated with the numerical value 46/1, which is also about that you have innovative thinking and a bag of various talents, and the ability to handle challenges.
However, in the shadow row we see the number combination, 2- 6-8 vertically, which is very unfortunate. This combination is about defeat, receiving bad advice, leading to disaster and trouble.
Since we have a number combination which is positive and a shadow number combination which is negative, it means that the number combination is semi-positive, since the main row is more positive than the shadow row.
It is telling us that the work is generating success, but also chaos and problems, and perhaps even small disasters comes into play.
It must be emphasized here, that the final phase with 10/1-8, is a relatively positive number combination, that is about reaping relatively positive results in the end.