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You will get the extensive training, giving you the ability to look deep into any person, explore their strength and weaknesses, and uncover the things hidden in the karma and destiny.

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No prerequisites are needed to get started. We start from the very beginning, getting the fundamental understanding about numerology end the energies.

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Your training is supported with the best way for optimized learning. We use a mixture of videos, eBook's and online sessions.

Advanced Chaldean numerology

Chaldean numerology is the most advanced path of numerology, and the only one that can uncover both what you came to this world to do, and what effect your name has on your present life.

All secrets revealed

We will reveal all secrets of Chaldean numerology. You will learn the original inscriptions from the ancient Chaldean stone boards.

You will become an expert

The Numerology Toolbox learning path takes you from novice to expert. After the foundation class, you can continue to improve your skills with the Advanced and Master class.

The world most advanced type of numerology

Learn the ability to look deep into any person you meet on your way.

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I knew absolutely nothing when i started my training. But the education keeps building on my knowledge, and today i am able to read any person i meet.
Marinella H.
I am already working as a numerologist, but i still attended the training with August to update my numerology knowledge further. He is the best.
Mollie M.

Numerology Grandmaster

Hi, my name is August, and i am the education responsible here at Numerology Toolbox.

When i was younger, i travelled around the repuclic of Iran, to explore my deep interest for ancient history.
On one of these journeys, i met a Grandmaster in ancient Chaldean numerology. He wanted to spread the knowledge of advanced numerology, outside of Iran, to the entire world – through me.

I trained extensively with the Grandmaster, sitting in the caves of the Pasargad mountains. The Grandmaster gave me intensive training, and psysically showed me the ancient numerology tablets, dated thousand of years back. 
After the complete delivery of his entire knowledge, he gave me the title of Numerology Grandmaster.

Today i spend my time on numerology sessions, numerology training, and reseaching numerology. I believe that research is very important, to understand numerology to the fullest and to further develop the understanding of the great potential numerology give in understanding the universe.


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Numerology education - Foundation class

First step to becoming a numerology master
599 Course
  • Module #1 - INTRODUCTION - We will look into the power of numerology and have a first look at the numerology chart known as the numeroscope.
  • Module F2 – BASE VIBRATIONS - Explore the characteristics for each birth date, and the meaning of the tarot card and the mythological aspects.
  • Module F3 – COMPOUND NUMBERS - Learning all compound numbers will enable you to interpret any number you see in a persons numerology chart.
  • Module F4 – NUMEROSCOPE - Understand the most important tool, the Numeroscope chart, used for any reading and future prediction.
  • Module F5 – CHARACTERISTICS - Learn how to spot the different characteristics, like health, wealth, are they achievers, psychopaths, unfaithful, etc.
  • Module F6 – REAL LIFE CASES - Developing analyzing skills through real life examples. See why people lifes turned our the way it did.

Foundation class

At the end of this course, you will be able to read the destiny and the characteristica, of any person. You will be able to look deep iinto a person, and see the persons strengths and weaknesses, on everything from health to wealth.

Advanced class

On this level you dig deeper into the destiny, and how to predict it. You will learn how to see a persons destiny, and predict the events month by month, long into the future. You will also be able to predict events, like elections. This is pure advanced knowledge.

Master class

Now you are ready to become a master of numerology, connecting the dots. At this level you will learn how to create the best names for people and businesses, in order to chance their destiny. You will learn to predict the stock marked, by looking at the destiny of companies, and how to have sessions with clients.