Numerology light

Wanna change your destiny?

Numerology outlines your destiny. Its as simple as that. But even though the numbers looks simple, the numbers in your name and birthday, has great power over you.

Numbers shape your destiny

How can we say that your numbers has great power over you? Because every single name and birthday tells the exact story of the person holding it. The way you are. The way you think. Your strength. Your issues. Your health. Down to the smallest detail. Numerology can show issues in relationships, in both personal life and in business. Numerology is a tool, to look deep in to yourself, and answer the questions…. WHY?

The numeroscope

The way you look into a persons destiny, is through the numerology chart, called a numeroscope. The numeroscope is an advanced calculation of your name and birthday, and gives a clear visual representation of your life and destiny. It shows the strengths and weaknesses your carried with you on a soul level, but also your destiny on the human level, carried out through your current name.

Try to calculate your own name with our free numerology calculator.

Through a name change, you can upgrade your life and destiny, by achieving success in all life matters; health, love, self-esteem, joy of life, happiness, cash flow, friendships, etc.