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If you are unsure about what Chaldean numerology is, and whether it is really able to explain your personality through your birthday and name, then try out our free numerology report engine, and see for yourself.

Your free numerology report

free numerology report on your computerThis report is not a complete reading of your name and birthday. The report engine analyzes your name and birthday, and find specific caveats in the energy created by your name and birthday. It points out the part of your name energy that is working against you. This can sometimes give a feeling about a very negative report, but it does this to give you an understanding of why you meet certain adversity in your life, and by that a better understanding why you meet challenges in your life.

If you are looking for a full numerology reading where we go deep into all aspects of your life, 360 degrees, go to the Personal numerology reading.

In the automated report you will get:

The report engine does not use pre-written reports, so the report can vary alot in size from person to person.
This is because the engine is under constant development, learning over time, and will be more and more accurate as time goes.

Remember to use your FULL REGISTERED NAME below, otherwise report will not be correct!

IMPORTANT: Your free numerology report will only be precise if you write your correct birthday, and your full registered name, as seen in public documents like passport, birth certificate, etc. Make sure you don’t leave out any middle names. You also have to be 18 years or older to receive a report.
If you are under 18, or your name is not complete, the report will not be generated.
If you need a report done for a minor, please order it HERE.