Numerology chart called the numeroscope

Numerology chart – what is the numeroscope?

The numeroscope is an advanced formula, that through a numerology chart shows and describes a person’s vibrations and the person’s destiny.
The numerology chart is used in Chaldean numerology and is one of the things you learn in our numerology education.
In this article, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the numerology chart called “the numeroscope”.

Numerology chart – the numeroscope

A numeroscope could look like this (example person):

numerology chart showing August
The numerology chart is calculated with Numerology Tools


As we see it here, the numeroscope is divided into three sections: The highest self, the higher self, and the human self. 

The highest self and the higher self are exclusively calculated from our date of birth only. Our human self is calculated from our names in correspondence with our full birth date. 

Our destiny is dictated by 50% by the highest self and the higher self, and 50 % by the human self. We can reprogramme our human self, but we can’t reprogramme our higher self and our highest self, as we can’t change our date of birth. 

The highest self

Our highest self is our soul’s purpose in our current life. It dictates what we have come to this world to be, to do and to experience. It also dictates our deeper personality beneath all the layers of the human self, which can be good and bad. Basically it’s our inner core which is dictated by our highest self. 

The higher self

The higher self is the gateway between the highest self and the human self. This conveys the will of the highest self into our human perspective of life which is dictated by our human self.
The higher self also dictates our destiny path called year ranks and month ranks, which are dictated by our year of birth (year ranks) and our month vibration (month ranks). 

The human self

The human self dictates our human experience in this world. It’s the factor that determines if we really live the life, that we came to this world to live.
Many people get mid-life crises because they feel that they are not in the life that they dreamt about. This is because their human self is diverting from their highest self and their higher self.
If a person has unbalanced numbers in his or her human self, it means that this person is forced to go a different direction in life. A different direction than was actually planned by the highest self.
This creates a situation of sadness and depression to many people. Some people even suffer if they don’t live out their life purpose.

Therefore, it’s important to have a name that has vibrations, that in the best possible way support the person’s highest self and higher self. Therefore we strongly advocate for numerology name change, to which we give a full warranty. Full satisfaction after 5 years or a full refund in return for changing your name back to your birth name. 

The deeper technical understanding of the numeroscope

It’s important to be aware, that all locations of numbers in the numeroscope are significant to your reading and understanding, of the numerology chart. 

Therefore, we’ll now present all parts of the numeroscope and describe what role they play in your life. 

numerology chart technical
The numerology chart is calculated with Numerology Tools


The human self

We’ll start describing the numbers of the human self, and thereafter, we’ll describe the numbers of the higher self. The numbers of the highest self and their role in the numeroscope are the same as those of the human self. 

The base vibration

The base vibration is the most dominant number to the human self. 

This is our date of birth. So for example, if you’re born the 27th of the month, then your base vibration is 27/9. We say 27/9 because 2+7=9 and thereby 9 is the sum of 27, and then we both look at sum number 9, but also the composite numbers of 2 and 7. 

The base vibration is our gateway between our higher self and our human self. It dictates the vast majority of our personality.

The life theme number

The life theme number is another very dominant number. 

It’s calculated from the sum of all names. The life theme number dictates our direction in life, as this number has a strong influence on our month ranks and our year ranks, and thereby our destiny. From the life theme number, we also get a lot of information about a person’s personality. 

The column number

This number represents our foundation. If our column number is balanced, we’ll have a rock-solid foundation. This means that no matter how much struggle we meet in life, we’ll stay firm in the end. 

If the column number is unbalanced, we’re standing on shaky ground in life. This means that if our foundation is weak, our whole life might collapse if we meet too many obstacles. 

The spine number

This number represents the product of our base vibration and our life theme number together. The base vibration represents one aspect, and the life theme number might represent another aspect. The spine number tells us what we get when these aspects meet each other. This is also a very dominant number. 

The vitality number

The vitality number is calculated from all the numbers within our human self. Thereby it represents an aspect that is associated with our health. However, there are also other numbers that give us an indication of health. 

Appearance number

The appearance number is one of multiple numbers that give us an indication of how other people perceive this person. 

First name vibration

Our first name vibration dictates the first-hand impression we give people. It’s a number that represents our appearance to the public eye. The first name vibration works closely together with aura 1 and aura 2. These aura numbers tell a story of how the vibration of the first name is experienced. 

As we use the following numeroscope as an example: First name vibration = 23/5. Aura 1 = 10/1. So 10/1 tells us a story of how 23/5 is experienced. 23/5 is a number that dictates karmic reward, great friendships, eloquence, and a highly intelligent mind. 

Aura 1 which holds the vibration of 10/1 means that all these things come very easily to this person. 10/1 is a number that represents winner mentality, multiple talents, and ease. 

Aura 2 which holds the vibration of 14/5 means that this person is also good at fact-based communication and entrepreneurship. First name vibration 23/5 means that this person attracts a lot of karmic rewards. Karmic reward in what? I business as the 14/5 vibration is about business and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, 14/5 is also about fact-based communication. 

So here we must understand how the numbers play together. The aura numbers are considered as the secondary numbers which tell a story about the main numbers which they correspond with. All other numbers but the aura numbers are the main numbers. 

Middle name vibration

The middle name(s) work closely with the centers. If the middle names are fortunate names, they empower the centers, which is thereby likely to create more will power, strength and motivation in life. If a person has many middle names or very unbalanced vibrations in his/ her middle names, the person might be very complicated. 

A person without middle names usually doesn’t have many layers in his/ her personality. 

Last name vibration

The last name represents our relationship mostly to ourselves and to our closest relations. Only our close friends and family knows this part of us. The last name also represents how we perceive ourselves. We consider this as a number that dictates our “inner world”. 

The aura numbers that spin with the last name vibration tells a story of how we experience the vibration of the last name. The same rule as with the first name goes here. 

Heart center

Our heart center dictates our mindset, our opinions our view on business and our moral values. The mindset also dictates our health in the upper body. If a person has health problems, it can be seen here, or in the solar plexus center. The heart center also tells about our first-hand impression we give to new people we meet. 

In the heart center, we can see if a person has homosexual or bisexual tendencies.

Solar plexus center

The solar plexus center represents our private life, our sexual life, the deeper aspects of our relation to ourselves. Only our closest friends and family will experience this side of us, as this is usually something most people don’t show to the world. 

Here we can also see what kind of childhood a person has had, and we can see what kind of self-esteem he/ she has. 

Here we can also see if a person has homosexual or bisexual tendencies. 

The higher self

In the higher self, we also have the base vibration, whose purpose was previously described in the previous chapter of the human self. 

However, in the higher self, we also have the month vibration, the year vibration, the two destiny numbers and the life view number. 

So first, we’ll describe the month vibration:

The month vibration

The month vibration is a number like our first name which dictates our appearance to the surrounding world, and it also dictates the first-hand impression we give to other people.

However, the month vibration dictates our destiny rhythm in our month ranks. For example, if we’re born in September, our monthly destiny rhythm is 9-9-9 which means that every year we have our destiny month in September. 

If we’re born in March, June or December, we have a monthly destiny rhythm of 3-6-3-6 which means that every March, June, and December we have our destiny months. 

If we’re born in January, February, April, May, July, August, October or November, we have a monthly destiny rhythm of 1-2-4-8-7-5 and here things become a lot more complicated. You can learn more about destiny rhythms on our online numerology education in which you’ll learn how to master the ancient arts of Chaldean numerology. 

The year vibration

Just like it’s the case with our last name, which dictates our relation to ourselves and our inner values, the same thing is the case with our year vibration. 

The year vibration also dictates the destiny rhythm of our year ranks. 

The year ranks dictate what will happen to us in any year, and the month ranks dictate what will happen to us in any month. 

So if for example, you’re born in a year in which the final sum is 9, such as 1989 (1+9+8+9=27 and 2+7=9), it means that you have a destiny rhythm of 9-9-9 which means that every time you enter a year in which the final sum is 9, this will be your destiny year. 

If you’re born in a year in which the final sum if 3 or 6 such as for example 1992 (1+9+9+2=21 and 2+1=3), it means that your destiny rhythm is 3-6-3-6 which means that every time you enter a year in which the final sum of the year is 3 or 6, then you have a destiny year that year. 

If you’re born in any other year, in which the final sum of the year is one of following: 1, 2, 4, 8, 7 or 5, it means that your destiny rhythm is 1-2-4-8-7-5 and here things once again get more complicated. 

The destiny numbers

The destiny numbers are the core of the higher self, and they have a function that is similar to that of which we know from the centers of the human self. 

The destiny numbers are equally powerful, and they dictate our innermost values in life, and how we perceive ourselves. 

The life view number

The life view number dictates our opinions in life. It also dictates our view on many things in life from a deeper perspective. In our human self, we have the heart center, which also dictates our values and morality, but the life view number in our higher self goes far deeper. ‘

The highest self

Here you analyze according to the very same method as you do in the human self. 

You consider the month vibration the same way as you consider the first name vibration, and you consider the year vibration the same way as you consider the last name vibration in the human self. 

The same way goes for all the other numbers. 

Here it’s important to be aware that the life theme number of our highest self also has a strong influence on our year ranks and month ranks.