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No matter if you are a beginner without any knowledge, or you are a skilled numerologist that want to take your knowledge to a higher level, we have the numerology course for you.


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Learning advanced numerology has long been for the few. A teacher with deep knowledge in advanced chaldean numerology is hard to find, and even harder to find in your local area.
Numerology Toolbox was founded to make the advanced numerology knowledge present worldwide, and to give everybody with the interest to learn numerology at a deep level, the possibility to do so, through an electronic platform.
At the same time, it has been important to us to have the personal relation to you as a student, and is why you have access to live sessions with your teacher.

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The best way to learn numerology

It takes something to learn numerology at a deep level. Here at Numerology Toolbox, we believe the best way for you to acquire the knowledge, is to combine these three ways during the same period of training:


At the video sessions, you will learn numerology by watching the teacher explain the topics of numerology. This will be one way communication with the advantage that you can watch the videos over and over again, to be sure that you understand one subject until you move on to the next.


You will be provided with ebooks that teach you the subjects that are best suited for the written form. These ebooks will not only be your training books, but will also act as a reference tool when you have finalized your numerology education.

Online class

Even after watching houndreds of hours of education video and text, questions will arise, with the need to connect the dots. This is the reason why an online class is included in the courses. When attending these online classes, the teacher will make sure that you understand all aspects of numerology, and this is the time where you will ask all your questions.

Numerology education program is divided into 3 courses.

Foundation level

At the end of this course, you will be able to read the destiny and the characteristica, of any person. You will be able to look deep iinto a person, and see the persons strengths and weaknesses, on everything from health to wealth.
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Advanced level

On this level you dig deeper into the destiny, and how to predict it. You will learn how to see a persons destiny, and predict the events month by month. You will also be able to predict events, like elections.

Masterclass level

Now you are ready to become a master of numerology, connecting the dots. At this level you will learn how to create the best names for people and businesses, in order to chance their destiny. You will learn to predict the stock marked, by looking at the destiny of companies.

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