Advanced Numerology education

The Advanced class

To start the advanced class training, you are required to complete the foundation
class with a passed written test.

At the completion of the advanced class, you will be able to see both the past and future of any person, and also predict events like political elections.

The advanced class will further develop your skills from the foundation class, by training numeroscope readings.

Advanced numerology content

The advanced class is divided into the following modules:
● Introduction
● Destiny rhythm
● Destiny period
● Calculations
● Real-life cases

Advanced numerology materials

The advanced class utilize a mix of learning materials:
● Access to more than 2 hours of training videos
● 79-pages e-book describing all possible yearrank number combinations.
● Collection of e-books with real-life cases.
● Access to Numerology Toolbox tools for 6 month.

Advanced numerology modules

Module A1 – Introduction

In this module you will understand how you can use numerology to look into the past, present and future.

Module A2 – Destiny rhythm

In this module you will get an understanding of what a destiny rhythm is, and how you use it.

Module A3 – Destiny period

In this module you learn about the destiny periods.

Module A4 – Calculations

Now its time to learn the algoritms behind the predictions. You will learn all the Chaldean formulas and how to calculate all the numbers.

Module A5 – Real life cases

In this module we will further develop your knowledge about the yearranks, and build your interpretation skills around real life cases.

Training material

The Advanced class education will be a mix between VIDEOS, EBOOKS, and ONLINE CLASSES.

Here is an example of training content from the Foundation level module 1.

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Advanced class

Numerology education
  • High quality videos in HD
  • E-books in PDF format for easy reading and printing
  • 6 month access to your teacher for any question you have
  • 6 month access to our Tools (worth €192)

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