Numerology education - Foundation level

Your numerology training starts here

Module F1 – Introduction

In this module we will start really basic. We will have a look into what numerology really is, and how it originated. We will look into the power of numerology and have a first look at the numeroscope.

Module F2 – Base vibrations

In this module we will really start working. This is a very important module, where you will get knowledge about the base vibrations. For each number you will explore the characteristics for that specific number, as well as learn the meaning of the tarot card and the mythological aspects.

Module F3 – Compound numbers

This module will take your knowledge to the next level, when moving from single digit numbers to double digit numbers. Now you will learn the compound numbers.
This will enable you to interpret any number you see in a persons numerology chart.

Module F4 – Numeroscope

In this module we focus on the numeroscope, the numerology chart we use to make numerology readings. You will understand the vibrations we have in our names, and get a deeper technical understanding of the chaldean table and how to calculate the numeroscope.

Module F5 – Characteristics

In this module we will take our knowledge about the numbers and build characteristics around it. You will be able to spot peoples health and wealth, if they are psychopaths, unfaithful, and much more.

Module F6 – Real life cases

In this module we will build further on your numerology knowledge, and train you to read a persons destiny, by looking at real life cases. We will look at examples like Donald Trump and see why is the way he is. We will look at people like Mike Tyson, to see what transferred him from very poor to very rich, and what created his turbulent life.
After this module you will be able to read any person, their karma, destiny and life details.

The format

The education will be a mix between VIDEOS, EBOOKS, and ONLINE CLASSES.
To learn more about the three formats, click here: Learn Numerology.

Here is an example of training content from the Foundation level module 1.


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