Numerology chart

Chaldean numerology chartWhen numerologists are making a numerology reading, and are looking deep into a person’s life, they use a numerology chart. This chart is used to get a visual representation of personal destiny and valuable details of all areas and aspects, of a person’s life.

Numeroscope – the Chaldean numerology chart

The main numerology chart of Chaldean numerology is called the numeroscope. The numeroscope tells about what the person is bringing to this life, from birth, and what this person is dealing with in this life.
Let’s take a closer look at this numerology chart.

The section in the upper right corner is called “The highest self”. This section is telling us what this person brought to this life, on a soul level. It dictates what this person’s life would be like if no name was given. The pure spiritual energy. These numbers originate from the birth date.

The biggest section, around the middle, is called “The human self”. This section is telling us what this person will experience in this life, affected by his/her name.

The small section at the top is called “The higher self”. This section of the numerology chart is showing us how the Highest Self is transferred to the Human Self.

The importance of using a numerology chart

The numerology chart is filled with numbers and can be overwhelming and confusing at first. But the good thing about it is that you can always go a level deeper when your skills improve.
Make sure you get used to looking at it, even if you only look at a few numbers. When your knowledge excel you will still use the same chart for even deeper analysis.
Even if you a beginner or have years of experience, the numerology chart is where you get the information about a person. It is the same numerology chart we use in our numerology education program.

Numerology chart example

The numerology chart you see in the picture on the top of this page is a good example of how a good or bad name can affect people’s lives.
If we look at the highest self, which shows what this person has brought to this life, we see a person who is a great speaker, gets along with people, and very good at making money. And this person wants to be the best at what he is doing. He is an emphatic and creative leader, with strong and actionable energy.
If we look to the higher self, the destiny numbers dictate success, and that he will be reaping the fruits of his karma.

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BUT, when we look at the human self, which is made up of his name, we get energies that work opposite.
The life theme is ruled by the number 16/7, which is about losing, and being afraid of losing. For that reason this person will hold his relations at an arms-length, trying to avoid the feeling of loss. He cant feel himself, won’t follow his heart, and life becomes a battle. 16/7 is seen in three places, which makes this energy stronger, and becomes a big theme in his life. 16/7 is also present in his solar-plexus center, together with 12/3, which reveals that this person is living very fear-oriented, and has a lot of anxiety. This can lead to abuse. 29/2 shows that he has problems in relations, and is unhappy in his love life. 38/2 shows that he is stressed in business or education.  He can be confused. And has a hard time finishing what he is starting.

Even being a very short reading, I think you get the idea. Having a certain name can really turn karma the wrong way. If the person had a name that went well with his birthday, he would be able to utilize all the amazing talent he brought with him on a soul level.

This is what we use the numerology chart for. To have a tool to look deep into a person. If you want to try it yourself, use our free numerology calculator with your own name.

What do the numbers in the numerology chart mean?
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