The ultimate upgrade of your life

  • Do you sometimes get the feeling that you stumble through life like a shadow of who you truly are?
  • Do you sometimes get the feeling that you keep bumping into the same problems over and over no matter how much you try to do better?
  • Do you simply have a feeling that your life is great, but it could be even better?

Then a numerological name change is the way for you to go!

Changing your entire name is a big thing, but would you do it, if you knew for certain that this would significantly improve your life in all aspects? 

So how do you know if it works? You can try a 1:1 reading with August Darius Danielsson who will do a reading on your current name and birth date. Here you’ll get the feeling that at around 90-100 % of what you’re told in the reading is absolutely spot on!

As this reading is made on your name and birth date, it thereby also means that the story would have been different, if your name had been different, and this is where the numerological name change comes into play.

What we attract and what we repel

The name and birth date we have, dictate what we attract and what we repel in life. If we have a name that contains a lot of vibrations of victimhood, anxiety, depression, losses etc. we will inevitably keep attracting these things no matter how much we try to take responsibility. 

If we have numbers that dictate the opposite such as joy, a great love life, many different talents, likelihood of financial wealth etc. we will attract these things instead.

What about the lessons we need to learn in life?

Of course, there are many lessons in suffering, and this is something that will make us strong. However, when we’re represented by a perfectly balanced name, our ability to learn from our lessons, and learning in general will be vastly increased. This means we won’t have to repeat the same lessons over and over, and thereby we can move into a higher vibration in which we learn in a more pleasant way.

What will a numerological name change do for YOU?

Each person has different life purposes, so the name change will create the perfect balance so that YOU can become who you truly are, and whom you’re meant to be. 

This creates a feeling in which, you feel like you’re finding your way back home (metaphorically speaking), so that life starts to make sense in a totally different way from what you’re used to, as life doesn’t force you to go through paths that you feel aren’t you. 

Below are some aspects that are common to most people who change their name according to our guidance. They will get:

  • Inner peace
  • Strongly improved love life
  • More talents in all aspects of life (if for example you used to be bad at math, you can suddenly become great at it)
  • Better intuition
  • Social magnetism and better social skills
  • Eloquence
  • Karmic protection (you become more courageous as you keep experiencing that things increasingly go your way)

Can I make a list of what I desire from the name change that you’ll meet?

No. When you change your name according to our guidance, you’ll get the ultimately best balanced formula of number vibrations that applies to YOU, and that create the perfect balance in all aspects of your life. 

This balance enables you to become great at pretty much anything you’ll set your mind to. 

However, if you’re born with an extremely unfortunate birth date, it will make a great improvement anyway. If you’re born with a fortunate birth date, it will create even more balance and harmony for you.

Can I just change the spelling of one name and add some middle names?

No. Due to our highly comprehensive knowledge of each number vibration and how they affect one another, we don’t allow any compromises. 

We’re highly perfectionists, and everything has to perfectly work together like gears in a big machine. One compromise can harm the total balance. 

Therefore, not only do the names have to meet a certain number formula, but also the vowels and consonants in each name, and all names’ consonants and vowels combined also do need to meet a certain formula. 

When you’re to choose your new names, you can choose among perfectly normal American, British, Italian, Spanish, French, Indian, African and Danish/ Scandinavian names, but you choose from a group of names whitelisted by us. In some cases you can create your own name, but within the boundaries of certain Chaldean Numerology rules. 
If you are uncertain about the rules of the name, contact us to clarify this.

Should I ask everyone to call me my new name?

Absolutely. you can ask your friends to start calling you your new name, but this is not a compulsory. All that matters is that your new name is legally registered. In fact, you can keep calling yourself by your old name to your friends and family, on social media etc. All that matters once again is that your new name is registered in your social security documents such as passport, driver’s license etc.

Do I have to believe in it to work?

The effect of a numerological name change is like gravity. An object will fall to the ground, no matter if you believe it or not. The same thing can be said about the effect of the numerological name change.

Money back guarantee

If you don’t experience the improvement which we have promised you within 5 years, you can get a full refund. Conditioned that you change your name back to your birth name, or previous name, before you had the name change done by us. 

Here you must be able to document that you’ve had the new name for at least five years, and that you’ve changed it back. 

If you use the warranty, but once again you decide to take back the name you received from us, you must pay back the refund. 

“I think the fee is a bit expensive?”

Sure, there are many great numerologists out there, but you’ll get what you pay for. 

Due to our highly advanced and comprehensive understanding of the numbers and number combinations, and due to our perfectionist approach, you’ll get the very best solution you can get on the market. Simply, there is nothing better than what we provide. 

Thereby you’ll get the perfect name, which you can be proud to call yourself the rest of your life.

So what have you got to lose?

The name change will make a major improvement in your life, and this will also help your soul’s journey to getting to the next level. 

Sounds too good to be true? Try it. As you have the warranty, you have nothing to lose. 

If you want a reading on your current name, and to be informed what a numerological name change can do for you, we suggest that you’ll book a 1:1 reading first. The fee of this session will be set off against the name change session. So if you decide to go ahead with the name change the reading session will be free.

A numerology name change is one of the most significant and groundbreaking changes, you can make in your life.

You are still the same

When you change your name, you change your destiny. Does this mean that all good things will go away, and you will turn into another person? NO, absolutely not. You are still the same person. But instead of challenges, toughness and resistance, you will experience positive changes in your life with ease. Your innermost competences and values will be expressed, and you become the best edition of yourself.

When you change your name, you go from one set of energies, to another. You put the old behind you, and open up for a new set of energies, and therefore a new future.

When you swap out old heavy energies, for the new and light ones, it will be like rings in the water. It will change not only you, but the life around you. This process takes time, and will be fully manifested over some years.

Old energies need to make way for new ones. So during the transformation process, these old energies will pop up, in order to cleanse itself from your system. This can feel overwhelming, but it is necessary for these heavy energies to disappear, and to make room for the new lighter energies.

More questions about numerology name change?

If you still have questions regarding the name change, book a Numerology Reading session with August Darius Danielsson or use our Contact Form to get in touch.


Name change

  • Reading and explanation of old name
  • 100% balanced new name
  • Reading and explanation of new name
  • Destiny for the next 5 years explained
  • Performed by certified numerologist
  • Written information by mail
  • One month access to the Toolbox

Name change

by August Darius Danielsson
  • Reading and explanation of old name
  • 100% balanced new name
  • Reading and explanation of new name
  • Destiny for the next 5 years explained
  • Performed by August Darius Danielsson
  • Live session by phone/video
  • One month access to the Toolbox