Personal numerology reading

Get a 1:1 numerology reading by the best numerologist in the market!
You will get a full reading of the numbers hidden in your birthday and in your name. You will learn what is hidden in your Higher and Highest Self (your true life purpose), and in your Human Self (the things that happens right now due to your name). In your personal numerology reading we will tell you all about YOUR karma and destiny.

In a 1:1 numerology reading made by master numerologist, August Darius Danielsson, you will get an extremely accurate reading on your:

  • Personality traits (all aspects of what person you are on the surface, and deep inside)
  • Personal values
  • Love life
  • Mental and physical health
  • Childhood
  • Past, present, and future
    Your destiny for the next five years
  • Strengths and weaknesses in life
  • An explanation why you have the destiny YOU have
  • A recording of the session (optional)
  • The session can be held in English or in Danish

In this reading, August Darius Danielsson will do a thorough reading of the numbers of your name and birth date (higher, highest and human self). With these numbers, August Darius Danielsson is able to see your true life purpose, and how you live it.

Here you will experience that August Darius Danielsson is able to describe your personality more accurate than most people who has known you their entire life.

In this reading, August Darius Danielsson will also do a reading on your recent past, your present, and your future the next 3-5 years. You can be sure that this prediction will be highly accurate.

Client feedback state that the readings are 90-100 % accurate. In fact, one can argue that they are 100 % accurate, as the last 10 % has mostly to do with conveyance, and how the client understands the terms and descriptions used in the reading.

Why choose Numerology Toolbox?

You can find many great numerologists on the internet. There are indeed many different systems, and some systems are even contradicting one another, so why should you choose our readings?

Our system derives from the ancient city of Persepolis, which used to be the capital of ancient Persia around 500 BC from where Chaldean numerology derived.

When Alexander the Macedonian invaded Persia, many numerologists fled to India, and due to many different regimes throughout history, Chaldean numerology has been banned. Therefore a lot of knowledge of Chaldean numerology has been conveyed only orally.

However, our knowledge derives from a very ancient Iranian family from the city of Shiraz who are descendants of ancient Persian royalty who possess the original and fully comprehensive knowledge of Chaldean numerology.

Therefore our form of Chaldean numerology is the most advanced, and mostly comprehensive form of Chaldean numerology, which you’ll experience in a reading with us!

Thereby we assure you that you’ll get the very best reading you could ever imagine by us.

Sounds too good to be true? Try it out and see it for yourself.

Why have a numerology reading session?

In a numerology reading session with us, you will be able to understand your own personality much better. You will learn to understand your own life, and the lessons you have been through from a higher perspective.
Have you ever wondered why certain things keep happening to you? In the reading you will get the answer, so that you will find inner peace with it.
Generally, you will get a mind-blowing experience unlike anything you’ve ever tried before!

If you want a total personal upgrade

In a 1:1 reading, August Darius Danielsson offers to make a presentation of what a numerological name change will do for you in details.
However, you won’t get a numerological name change in this session, but if you want to book a numerological name change session, the fee of the 1:1 reading session will be set off against the name change session.

The practical stuff

The 1:1 reading session will take place on Skype or Zoom, and we offer to record the session for you, so you can listen to it over and over.
The duration of the full reading is approximately 35-45 minutes, and after that you can ask any questions you might have related to your reading. The entire session will be held orally, but you will get an illustration of your chart sent to you on email if you are interested in getting this.

Change your life now!

The personal numerology reading session will blow your mind! After the session, you will have the information about your destiny, that give you the clarity and tools to change your path, and turn weaknesses into strengths.
To book your personal numerology reading, fill out the form below , and click ‘Purchase’. We will contact you on the e-mail you specify, and ask when you have time for your session. We will do the session using SKYPE, so please make sure you have an account. One can be created for free HERE.
We can do the session by video or by voice only, it is up to you.

Free access included

Along with your personal numerology reading, we will give you one month of free access to our numerology software tools. With these tools, you will be able to look into the destiny of any person, with our advanced computer-based report system. Write the name and birthday of your family, friends, boss, and see what is hidden in their destiny.

You are one step away from getting your destiny revealed