The Chaldean table of numbers

The Chaldean Table

In Chaldean Numerology, we use the Chaldean Table to calculate the vibrations of people’s name.
When calculated, we visually show these numbers in a numerology chart.

The Chaldean Table can be used in all alphabets, and it’s not based on the chronological order of the letters of the alphabet, but instead: the phonetic sound of each letter.

The Chaldean Table for the Latin alphabet is as stated below:

And in Russian / Cyrillic alphabet it’s as follows:


As it’s stated above, the Chaldean table only reaches the number 8.

This is the case because according to the ancient Chaldeans, the number 9 is such a powerful and divine number that no letter is powerful enough to hold this power.

According to Chaldean Numerology, the number 9 is considered as sacred because the number 9 represents everything there is. The number 9 is furthermore a shadow number to the number 0 because the number 0 is nothing the number 9 is everything. As you also see, there is no representation of the number 0 for the same reason.

With the Chaldean Table, your name will vibrate with the same frequency in all languages if you spell it phonetically the same way.

If you find it hard to calculate the numbers of your name, then we suggest that you might use our Numerology name calculator.