The numbers 666 and 777 meaning from a numerologist’s perspective

You might have heard of the numbers 666 and 777. Most religions describe the number 666 meaning as the number of the devil and the number 777 meaning as the number of God. So what do these numbers really mean according to the ancient science of Chaldean numerology?
It is very interesting that when we analyze these numbers, the Chaldean numerology actually confirms these religious perceptions of these two numbers. Let’s start analyzing the deeper technical aspect of the number 666 meaning, and thereafter, we’ll do the same with the number 777 meaning.

666 meaning in numerology

Number 666 meaning in Chaldean numerology
The numerology triangle for 666

Here we see the triangle of the number 666. It’s calculated in the following way that the numbers 6+6+6=18. In the bottom of the triangle, we write 18/9 because 1+8=9 and the sum number is the most dominant number in the number 18. All compound numbers are referred to with “/”, and then the sum of the number.

The numbers 15/6 in the sides (aura numbers) are calculated by adding 6+9=15, and the first center number is calculated by adding both aura numbers together: 6+6=12, and the second aura number is calculated by adding the second number 6 on the middle of the triangle with 3, so 3+6=9.

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So what do these numbers mean? First of all, the number 6 is a number that corresponds to the earth element. It’s a number of seduction, and it’s a number of gaining control of the five elements of the Earth: Earth, wind, water, fire and the spirit. The number 6 is also a number of charisma, social attraction, but it’s also a number of domination.
The life theme number 18/9 is a number of huge frustrations, anger, aggression, and materialism. The number 18/9 is also a number that dictates a desire of taking control and taking control of others. When this meets the numbers 15/6, it becomes very dangerous, as the number 15/6 also has a tendency of becoming extremely dominant. Here we have a combination of a tornado that meets a volcano. Both numbers dictate heavy manipulation and aggressive behavior.

In the center, we have the number 12/3 together with the number 9. The number 12/3 is a number of feeling like a victim. It’s also a number of paranoia and irrational fear. The number 9 is a number that adds a great deal of frustration and wrath to these aspects of being paranoid. Therefore we here get an aspect that dictates a vengeful behavior. This creates a self-perception of wanting to punish people who one feels have been unfair.

Therefore it’s actually true that the number 666 is a heavily demonic number. So if we say that the devil is represented by this number, it’s plain to see that he is not really a nice guy at all.

777 meaning in numerology

Number 777 meaning in Chaldean numerology
The numerology triangle for 777

As we analyze the triangle of the number 777 meaning, which according to many religions is the number of God, we here see some completely different aspects:
We here have a dominant combination of the numbers 7 which is a number of emotions, creativity, gut feeling, and it’s also a number that believes there is a deeper meaning in everything.

The number 7 also represents faith and belief, but it’s also a number that has a tendency of becoming superstitious. Unlike the number 6, the number 7 wants to let things happen. The number 6 wants to make things happen.

We see the life theme number 21/3 which is a number that aims to crack the code into ultimate success, creation, and expansion through knowledge, theory and technical and creative knowhow.
What is even more interesting here is that as the life the number = 21/3, and both numbers 7 in each side create the number combination of 3, 7 and 10/1 which creates a shadow of what we know from the compound number 37/1 which according to ancient Chaldean numerology is known as the Royal Star of the Bull, and its aspects are described with these following words:
“This number has a distinct potency of its own. It is a number of good and fortunate friendships in love, and in combinations connected with the opposite sex. It is also good for partnerships of all kinds. It is a fortunate indication if it appears in connection with future events.”

The number 37/1 which aspects are also represented here is a number of abundance, flow, and creativity on a high level. It’s furthermore a number combination that creates a deal of optimism, happiness, and ease.

However there is one significant weakness here: In the center, we have the number combination of 2 and 9 which is an unfortunate number combination. The number 2 represents the water element, and the number 9 represents the fire element. When these two numbers stand this close, it creates an aspect in which one has a lot of worries, stress and also sometimes low self-esteem.
It’s very interesting to see how these numbers so accurately dictate the same aspects as we know from God and the Satan of the Bible who allegedly are ruled by these numbers.

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