chaldean numerology power

The power of chaldean numerology

The Chaldean system is the most accurate tool, that first of all proves that we all have a destiny, and that our destiny is metaphorically carved in stone, dictated by our birthday and our legal name. So with the advanced chaldean knowledge and tools, you can not only read a person’s destiny, but also reprogram it into something good that holds pure harmony, happiness, good health, financial wealth, great love life and over all the perfect balance.

Does numerology work for all?

Numerology is an universal law, meaning that it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. Tt works for all, human being, animals, companies, and so on. Numerology can be used on human beings, animals, companies, stocks, house. Everything possesses an energy.

What have you come to this world to experience

The Highest Self

When you want to see the destiny of a person (or company, or animal), you use a chart called the numeroscope. This chart uses advanced calculations to visually present all the aspects of this persons life, through numbers. When a numerologist look at the numeroscope chart and makes an interpretation of a person, its called “a reading”.

The area in this chart that dictate what a person has brought with him to this life – reincarnation – is called “the higher self”, and “the highest self”.

what are your strength and weaknesses in this life

When we want to disclose what effect a persons name have had to his/her life, we look at the charts “human self”.

What details can be seen in a person?

Chaldean numerology can reveal very detailed information about a person:
– your strength and weaknesses
– your self esteem
– your love life
– your destiny
– your cashflow
– your ability to communicate
– your potential deceases
– how people see you
– where you can excel in business
– how the future turns out, good or bad, month by month

Change your destiny

When you want to change your destiny, you change the energy that you inner and outer universe vibrates with. You can’t change your birthday, but you can change your name. And with a new name, combined with your birthday, gives a new vibration. And it moves like rings in the water, it changes everything around you.

Check your own name vibrations here: Numerology Calculator.

Let’s say that you are suffering from anxiety. Then you have specific numbers in specific places in the numeroscope chart that hold this energy. Or your private economy is a disaster, which is another set of specific numbers that vibrates with bad decisions and advice. When a numerologist design a new name for you, calculated and chosen special for you, that change those numbers, and set another vibration in your life, that transforms the anxiety into positive energy, and transform your private economy.

Many numerology practitioners, advice to use the current name, and insert a middle name or change a letter here and there. This is not a good practice, as its more about making it “easy” than giving the person the best energy possible. The basis of a name change should always be, to transform a person challenges into success, getting rid of all negative energies, rather than selling an easy solution.

It is important to change your documents when doing a numerological name change.

When changing your name, there will be a transformation period. This period can be very bumpy, and you can feel both euphoric and sad. It depends on what energy you are transferring from, and what energy your are transferring to. This happens because the vibration you have had with your current name for year, is manifested in you, and now you are beginning to vibrate with a new and much lighter energy. Image you heard the same song for ages, and only that song. Now somebody plays a new song, simultanious, with another beat. That sounds stressfull!



The year ranks for Boeing in 2019 – Calculated by Numerology Toolbox

Chaldean numerology can be used to predict the future, often very precise.

The calculation behind the scene, is called the “yearranks”. The yearranks tell – month by month – how the energy will be for a person, or a company.

As an example, the disasters and losses for Boeing, was directly seen in their yearranks. Be could not predict planes would fall down, but the numbers dictate loss, suffering and grief.

If you would like to know the complete story behind this numerology case, go here: Boeing 737MAX problems.

Other ways to use yearranks is, like we often do at Numerology Toolbox, to predict political elections.
We predicted the 2016 election, by looking at the yearranks for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and interpreted them against eachother. This gave a clear signal about Trump as the winner.

Another example was the danish 2019 election, where the result was clear, numerology wise, more than a year before.

We often get the question, can numerology predict the day of death? And the answer is: YES. But here you need more analyzing work. Cause you need not only to looks at the charts of the person in mention, but also the persons around him/her, that reflect losses in near family.

Predicting sportsresults is something of great interest, as there is money to be made on betting. But a sports result is a sum of many factors. Club, coach, players, etc. They all have a part, and its the sum of energies of all that gives the outcome, making it a long and cumbersome process.

The Boeing stock made a quick drop when yearranks had bad numbers.

It is somewhat different with stocks. Cause here you only need to use the yearranks of the company. Again, Boeing is a good example. When they had catastrophic numbers in their yearranks, dictating loss and suffering, the stock dropped. So with stocks, we use the karmic cycle of the company to show us where the stock has a potential to rise or fall dramaticly.