numerology and psycopaths

Traits of a psychopath – through numerology

Traits of a psychopath, sociopath and narcissist can be seen in a person’s name and birthday!

Chaldean Numerology is an actual science, in which all personality characteristics, among them Traits of a psychopath, can be seen in a person’s Numeroscope. All types of personality traits has its own numbers, and number combinations. And can be seen in a person’s numeroscope. For example, if someone is an autist, we always see the same numbers, or number combinations. With traits of a psychopath, sociopath or narcissist, we have yet another number combination, easy recognisable in the numeroscope.

Psychopath number combinations

The Highest Self of Adolf Hitler

The numbers and number combination of psychopathy, sociopaty or narcissism is in close interaction with the numbers 6 and 8 and 6 and 4. However, it can also be interactions of any compound number with the final sum of these numbers. With one exception. The number 17/8, which is not as tough as for example 26/8 and 6 together.

Other compound numbers

Among compound numbers that have the final sum of the number 6, we can mention 15/6, 24/6, 33/6, 42/6 and 51/6. The number 51/6 is itself a very dangerous number. But the rest are not unfortunate, unless they closely interact with either 4 or 8.

Among the compound numbers that have the final sum of the number 4, we can mention 13/4, 22/4, 31/4, 40/4 and 49/4. The number 22/4 itself is extremely unfortunate. This number is enough to create a deluded person, which in some cases can be enough to make a person do harmful things to others. This is because a person represented by 22/4, is likely to be corrupted or to develop criminal behavior.

Among relevant compound numbers that have the final sum of the number 8, is (17/8), 26/8, 35/8 and 44/8.

Traits of a psychopath is emphasized, if one of the following number combination is also seen in a persons numeroscope :

  • 11/2 (low self esteem)
  • 12/3 (paranoia and anxiety)
  • 15/6 (manipulative behavior)
  • 16/7 (many sufferings)
  • 18/9 (lots of frustrations)
  • 19/1 (big ego)
  • 20/2 (megalomania and manic behavior)
  • 22/4 (deluded, dishonest, unpredictable, naïve and potentially corrupt person)
  • 26/8 (cold and cynical behavior)
  • 28/1 (aggressive behavior)
  • 29/2 (lots of sorrow and grief)
  • 30/3 (feels superior to others)
  • 31/4 (feels like being the black sheep)
  • 35/8 (ruthless behavior, rapid advancement in career, but eventual total crash)
  • 38/2 (stress, low self esteem and feels a need to prove him/ herself)
  • 40/4 (strange person who feels all alone)
  • 43/7 (feels a great need to change the world, but fails)
  • 44/8 (many dramatic ups and downs in life, and many great failures)
  • 47/2 (conflict between reason and faith that causes stress and confusion)
  • 48/3 (very tough life and many problems)
  • 49/4 (strong social problems, autism, asperger’s etc.)
  • 51/6 (very aggressive behavior)

However it’s important to make it clear, that the first mentioned criteria must be met in order to talk about traits of a psychopath, sociopath and narcissist.

Let’s look into some examples, where we study the numeroscope of war criminals, in order to detect these personality disorders.

Josef Stalin

Josef Stalin’s numeroscope

In Stalin’s Numeroscope, we see traits of a psychopath in the number combination of 20/2, 8 and 6, that spin directly with each other. This is the number combination marked with red.

Then we detect a lot of previously mentioned unbalanced numbers, that negatively amplifies psychopathic behavior.

Very frequently, we see the number 12/3, which is the number of victimhood, anxiety and paranoia. This means that he believed that everyone was against him.

Josef Stalin

Then we see a very strong representation of the number 18/9. This means that he wants to punish those who treat him unfairly. The number 18/9 is about focus on justice, but which becomes self righteousness due to a lot of aggression and anger. This means that Stalin became extremely aggressive and furious quite often.

We also see a lot of representation by the number 15/6, which is the number of manipulation, dominance and the ability to oppress people. And the ability of getting what he wanted from people. The number 15/6 also means that he had a very fiery temper. And small things could make him extremely angry, and make him lose control of himself.

As we also see a representation of the number 11/2, it means that he felt weak and felt a need to prove himself. And to prove that he was not weak. This number combination means that he did tough things, in order to prove himself as a tough guy.

We also see the numbers 9 in both centers of Stalin’s highest self. Meaning that he measures his own worth upon his achievements and not on himself for being a good person. It also means that Stalin was very tough upon himself.

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler’s numeroscope

In Hitler’s Numeroscope, we first of all detect that he is represented by similar sociopathic number combinations like Stalin. Which in this case is 20/2, 8 and 15/6 in the left side of his highest self. However, he is also represented by the very dangerous number 22/4 in his column number. This means that he was deluded and easily fell into other people’s bad ideas. And it means that he was easily corrupted, and had bizarre tendencies.

Hitler was also represented by the number combination of 20/2, 6 and 4 in his higher self, showing that he was extremely powerfully, ruled by passion and idealism. But also fanatism, due to the presence of the number 22/4 in his highest self’s column number.

Outlined with purple numbers, we see that he was represented by the number 26/8 as his year vibration. This shows that he was ruthless, but also quickly advanced to great success. But eventually he would lose it all again, which is the epitome of the number 26/8.

Adolf Hitler

Hitler – like Stalin – was also strongly represented by the victim number 12/3. This clearly states that he suffered from paranoia, irrational fear, and it means that he saw enemies everywhere. This could explain his dislike of certain people, as he felt like a victim.

Hitler was represented by the number 9 in his human self’s spine number, meaning that he wanted to strike back upon those who he believed made him a victim. As Hitler was represented by the number 22/4 as his higest self’s column number, it thereby meant that his judgment was very deluded. And that he lived in his own happy fantasy dream world.

Hitler was also heavily represented by the number 11/2. It shows that he suffered from a low self esteem, and therefore he felt a need to prove himself similarly, as which was the case with Stalin.


Try for yourself. Take any psychopath in the world, and test whether this person has the above numbers in their numeroscope. Use the Numerology Calculator to get the numeroscope.

By calculating a persons numeroscope, you can reveil whether this person has traits of a psychopath, sociopath, narcissist, or not.

This knowledge is extremely valuable. For example, if you are dating someone, and you want to make sure that you’re not falling into the claws of a psychopath, you here have the chance to test it yourself. All you need is the person’s correct full legal name and birth date.

This information is also valuable, if you’re running a company, considering to hire a new employee, and you want to make sure that your prospect is not a psychopath, that will eventually rip you off.

We thereby encourage you to check it for yourself and please feel free to give us your feedback.