Norway numerology prediction

What is going to happen to Norway regarding the Coronavirus and its economy?

In this article, we will make a prediction on the Kingdom of Norway according to Chaldean numerology. We will predict the destiny of Norway, by looking at what the numbers dictate, for the next four years. Here we have the yearranks for Norway in the year 2020:

As it appears here, the official name of the country is “Kongeriket Norge” and they were founded May 17th 1814. This date and this name dictate the destiny which this graph illustrates. Anything below 0 is negative, and anything above 0 is positive. We see three different graphs here: a blue graph which illustrates the destiny of the human self of the country (the combination of name numbers in association with the founding date of the country), a red graph which illustrates the destiny of the highest self of the country (the founding date independent from the name) and a green graph which illustrates the karma of the country (the sum of the highest self and the human self combined).

Here we see that in 2020, the graph heavily plummets. This means that a lot of unfortunate things happen to Norway. As we know, the spread of coronavirus has caused a crash of the Norwegian Krone (their currency).
We also see that for the rest of the year, the bad events keep going on.
This means that Norway might find some betterment, but they will stay in a crisis for the rest of the year.

So what will happen next year?

Here we see some vast improvements in the numbers.
By the first five months, we see a number combination which dictates major positive changes to the nation. This means that we might see a rebound of their tough situation here. However, over the summer, we have a problematic number combination which dictates some bumps on the road. One thing that is especially interesting here is that we have a heavy representation of the number 13/4 in the year ranks, which is a number of major changes.
This means that Norway will experience extraordinary changes next year. It’s hard to predict exactly what these changes might be, but it might have something to do with their economy. In the way the numbers are represented, it indicates that it’s mostly positive changes, but there are also some negative changes that will unfold as well.

Norway in 2022

At the beginning of the year, we have a number combination which indicates some indirect karmic penalty, which means that there might be some minor problems around their economy in the period between February until March. However, we see some financial advancements during the spring. Here it looks like a vast improvement of their current situation. Though they will experience a drop-down in the period around September. Then they will get back up on their feet around November.
Here it looks like their current crisis is long gone.

Norway in 2023

Here we notice something very interesting. The year 2023 is a destiny year for Norway. This means that this year is very significant to the country’s future, and it’s an especially eventful year. Technically it means that as it appears in the yearranks above, we here have 13 ranks of number combinations, unlike a normal year which only has 7 ranks of numbers like 2020 and 2021. This year, things will be very hectic. It will also be a year with many problems as seen on the graph.
Many of the drops have to do with temporary losses and problems. Indicating that 2023 is going to be a problematic year for Norway, but also a year that has a vast significance to their future 7 years ahead, as in 2023, a new 7 years destiny period begins.

So what about the corona crisis?

As it appears in the numbers, the crisis will have a great impact in 2020, but it might disappear in 2021, and by 2022, it might be long gone.
This suggests that this current crisis is temporary and it won’t have any significant impact on their near future (5 years ahead).

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