Spain in numerology

What is going to happen to Spain?

As the coronavirus is causing major sufferings around the world, I noticed by coincidence something very interesting about Spain when doing an interpretation of the country’s yearranks. The yearranks is what dictates the destiny of the country, according to Chaldean numerology.

Spain seen through numerology

When we calculate the year ranks of the entire nation of Spain, we see some very dangerous warning signs which indicate that they are heading straight into something that might look like an entire meltdown. This meltdown is probably a financial meltdown.

Here we see the yearrank calculations:

Spain numerology 2020

Here we have the graph which illustrates the destiny of the entire nation of Spain (Reino de España) according to the year ranks of Chaldean numerology. Anything above 0 is positive, and anything below 0 is negative. We see that there are three graphs. The blue graph is calculated by the human self (the combination of numbers of the country’s founding date and its full name). The red graph illustrates the country’s highest self (dictated by the numbers of its founding date independent from the name). The green graph illustrates the karma which is the sum of the two previously mentioned factors.
Here we notice that the first two months of 2020 were quite fine. We were above 0, but then the graph completely plummets from March and reaches rock bottom around May. Then we see some betterment but then it will go down again for some intervals.

The graphics are created with numerology software tools.

This means that generally, 2020 is going to be a disastrous year to the entire nation of Spain. This could clearly indicate that the Spanish economy would meltdown.
When we analyze and interpret the year ranks of the Spanish prime minister, we see a very similar scenario:

Pedro Sánchez Pérez Castejón

Here we see that he suffers the same crisis as the country does as he is the head of it.

Spain in 2021

When we analyze the year ranks of Spain in 2021, we see that the situation will escalate even further:

Spain numerology 2021

Here we see that around August 2021, things will be even worse in Spain.
Therefore I recommend anyone who is able to buy up in properties in Spain to do it in the spring of 2021, as here we might have hit rock bottom. From this period and until 2024, we will see a fine rebound in the Spanish economy, and therefore there will be great opportunities to make a good profit from investing in the Spanish property market in this period.
If you already own property in Spain, or your own Spanish stocks, I suggest that you keep it until at least 2023, as here they will be back at the same value as before, or the value will be even better than before the corona crisis.

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Spain in 2022

Despite the fact that the worst might be over by the spring of 2021, we still see some radical problems to the nation of Spain, which also could have to do with temporary plummets of the Spanish economy in 2022. This will be as the graph below shows:

Spain numerology 2022

So as we see, there will be major problems in Spain, which might be due to financial problems by the end of 2022, but all together, it might go up when you look at the long term perspective.

Spain in 2024

The next year, 2023 will continue on the same track as 2022, so we need to look all the way to 2024 to see serious improvement, but here we will see it happen.

Spain numerology 2024

Here we see the spring of 2024 that is fairly good. This will be a period of major advancement in the Spanish economy. However, there will be a bump on the road around October 2024. 2024 will be the year that will generate a major return of an investment made in a Spanish property or in the Spanish stock market – an investment made by spring 2021. 

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