Numerology case - Tom Hagen

What will happen to the Norwegian businessman, Tom Hagen? Will he go to prison?

There is a lot of speculation in the media whether the Norwegian businessman, Tom Hagen actually killed his wife. He claims that she was kidnapped and that the kidnappers demanded a high amount of cryptocurrency. Now he is arrested, so what will happen?

In this article, we will do an analysis of Tom Hagen’s numeroscope in order to see if he meets the criteria to be a cold-blooded killer. Furthermore, we will have a look at his year ranks (future reading) in order to see what will happen to Tom Hagen in 2020 and in 2021. In order to complement this prediction, we will also do the same future prediction on his lawyer, Svein Holden.
Finally, we will predict if Tom Holden will get a prison sentence by the court.

So first, we start by analyzing his numeroscope (numerology chart), which we have here:

Tom Hagen numeroscope

The numerology chart is calculated with the numerology calculator.

First, we notice the number combination of 15/6 that is directly associated with the number 13/4 from his first name vibration. The number 13/4 is created from his human self life theme number.
This is the number combination marked by red, which is the prime source of sociopathic behavior.

Technically, the number 15/6 is a number that stands for charisma, manipulation, charm, the ability to be manipulative, and the number 13/4 is a number of change, being different, doing things differently, and being innovative. However, when these two numbers meet each other this way, it means that he has a twisted sociopathic behavior.

This is the case because the number 13/4 is basically about being different. And from that comes the aspect of being twisted and crazy, as the number 15/6 is a number of manipulation, and it’s also a number of being very dominant.

So this number combination creates the foundation of sociopathic behavior which is heavily negatively complemented by the other unfortunate numbers all around his numeroscope which are marked by arrows and named “secondary sources that complement sociopathic behavior”. These numbers are not sociopathic themselves, but when we have a prime source of sociopathic behavior, this negative behavior is heavily increased in a negative way.

Very dominant behavior

First, we notice that there is generally a lot of 15/6 all around his numeroscope. This means that he is extremely dominant, and he knows exactly how to work people. This also means that he is incredibly good at appearing trustworthy and likable because he is good at wearing the mask – metaphorically speaking. This also means that he is good at gaining people’s trust easily. Therefore he is very likable, and he appears like a great person that you would like to sit down and drink a beer with.

However, we notice that there is number 8 in his human self heart center. This means that he is incredibly cynical and that he uses his charm and charisma to get what he wants from people.

This also means that he is very calculative, but he is also extremely good at hiding this side of himself from the public eye.

In his highest self, we notice the number 18/9 which means that he appears like a friendly and reliable person on the surface, but beneath the surface, there is a storm of wrath, frustrations, and never-ending aggression that he turns inwards.

This means that he has a lot of anger that no one really sees. This is also likely to trigger an erratic type of behavior which is created from the number 13/4, which is about doing things that are unpredictable and different.


We see an incredibly strong representation of the number 12/3 that appears no less than three times, and we also see the number 11/2 that appears all together four times.

The number 12/3 is about anxiety, overthinking, being paranoid, having irrational fear, but it also suggests that he has a self-destructive behavior and that he has a lot of drama in his closest relations.

The number 11/2 means that he had suffered a lot of neglect in his life, and also in his childhood. This creates a personality in which he always feels a need to prove himself to the world, and he feels that he needs to prove that he is good enough. He might have a feeling of a monkey sitting on his shoulder that always whispers into his ear that he isn’t good enough – metaphorically speaking.

This type of upbringing creates a narcissist behavior because he feels he isn’t good enough, and he is craving other people’s recognition.

This furthermore makes him feel like he isn’t in control, and because the feeling of not being in control triggers a great deal of anxiety in his mind, he is likely to go to extreme behavior in order to take control, and as his personality is very cynical, he is not afraid to harm other people in order to take control.
This means that he is a dangerous person.

There is a lot more to say about his numeroscope, but this analysis is only made to review if he might be a killer.

So is he likely to be a killer?

It’s very likely. He meets all the criteria to be a sociopath/ psychopath as he is very cynical, he craves control, and he has a high level of narcissist behavior. He is also extremely manipulative and good at hiding behind a facade.

Will he go to prison?

We will now view the year rank calculations of Tom Hagen’s destiny of 2020 and his destiny of 2021. Then we will view the year rank calculations of his lawyer, Svein Holden of 2021 when the court process might take place.

Thereafter, we will analyze what these numbers and graphs might indicate.

Tom Hagen numerology prediction 2020
Year rank calculations of Tom Hagen – 2020

The year rank calculations are done with the Numerology Tools.

The graph shows us his karma. The way to read the graph is simple: anything below 0 is negative, and anything above 0 is positive.

So we now see that his graph is far below 0, and that will become even worse in August. This might suggest that he will have severe legal problems in this period. However, the graph sneaks up to +2 around December, which might suggest, that he might see some hope to get cleared.

In order to understand this aspect, it’s even more interesting when we analyze 2021 of Tom Hagen’s year rank calculations:

Tom Hagen future prediction 2021
Year rank calculations of Tom Hagen – 2021

Here we notice that his karma is exceeding at no less than +9 in the first three months of 2021. This might indicate that he is hopeful to get cleared, or that something might appear which temporarily indicates that he might be cleared.

However, as we move forward, we see that his karma graph once again plummets below 0 from around May, and we see that from December, it becomes very bad, as his graph drops to -9 again.

So before we make any conclusions, we will now have a look at the year ranks of his lawyer, Svein Holden:

Tom Hagens lawyer Svein Holden 2021
Year rank calculations of Svein Holden – 2021

Here it’s interesting to see that lawyer Svein Holden’s graph is also very positive in the spring like it’s the case with Tom Hagen. However, we also see that his karma also drops very low from October 2021, which is very much the same period as Tom Hagen’s karma also drops similarly low.

This strongly suggests that Tom Hagen will be convicted and that he will get a prison sentence in 2021.


According to Chaldean numerology, and the numeroscope of Tom Hagen, the numbers clearly dictate that he has strong sociopathic behavior and that he is capable of being a killer.
According to the year ranks, he might get a prison sentence in 2021.

If you are interested in how to predict psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists through numerology, see the article Traits of a psychopath – through numerology.